Each typeface has it's own personality

How the right typeface can completely change your brand personality

Does typeface choice really impact your brand?

Choosing the wrong typeface in your communication can have a detrimental effect on your message.

Do you know how certain typefaces can resonate with your audience?

After delving deep into colour psychology research I thought I would throw myself into learning all about the psychology behind typefaces. I love learning more and more about how the brain effects our choices and subconsciously influences us.

It’s no surprise that colours have psychological effects as mentioned in a previous post but did you know typeface also has an effect on a customer’s decision? The intended tone of your communication should be represented by a well chosen typeface.

What is the difference between a typeface and a font?

These terms are interchanged so regularly and it really does make me twitch!

A typeface is a family of fonts. It refers to a group of characters, letters or numbers that have the same design. For instance, Helvetica is a typeface.

Font describes the structure part of the typeface; Helvetica Light is a font. 

Does font choice really have an impact on your brand?

What typeface is right for my brand?

So; while in the previous post I tell you to get bold with colour and break the mould – here I want you to reign it in a little. Evoke the emotion with colour, and reinforce it with type but do it in a way that you know will resonate with your audience. If you’re looking to remain elegant, sophisticated and professional a serif typeface will work really well. They come in a wide range from the more traditional Baskerville, to the more modern serif Zermatt (the one I use in my headlines!).
Tell me more!

So, you wanna delve deeper into the feelings, emotions and associations with each style? I’m going to dive in with the 3 most common:

Hello. I’m a serif typeface.

A serif is defined by the small line or stroke attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter or symbol. Serif typefaces portray an elegant, formal, traditional and  respectable image. Serifs however can be categorised even further down, to modern serifs and slab serifs. A
modern serif (like Playfair Display) can evoke feelings of a high fashion, luxurious association, while slab serifs are more impactful, attention grabbing and bold.

Hello. I’m a sans-serif typeface.
Well, a sans-serif should be pretty easy to guess what they are based on the above – they are typefaces and font that does not have extending features. They are more modern, clean, simple and straightforward. Sans serif typefaces are easy to read which makes them great for use in body copy and details that people will read.
Hello. I’m a script typeface.

Script fonts are defined by varied and often fluid strokes that are created by handwriting. Think calligraphic style and brush script fonts that are full of personality and becoming more and more popular. They are known to portray femininity, elegance and they add a pretty tone to
the finished piece.

Evoke the emotion with colour, and reinforce it with type but do it in a way that you know will resonate with your audience.

Even just a quick overview of the three categories above, you can see how the choice in typeface is so important to portray the right message. You really have to understand who you’re talking to and you must choose the right typeface to align with your brand personality. When the right typeface is paired with your colour palette your audience immediately knows from a subconcious decision if you are for them.

I’m going to get more geeky on this subject with an exclusive PDF in my next email newsletter. It will be full to the brim with type geekery, from type anatomy, to where to get fonts from and I will include some examples of type use so you can see exactly how it changes the personality.

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I’ll be dropping and exclusive PDF download in my next email newsletter jam packed full of typeface psychology information.

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