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When you first start to use positive affirmations, you begin to realise that you can influence your experiences in life by working on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to help you achieve your life's desires. Thousands of people use positive affirmations to obtain success and realise their dreams. However, there are just as many who practice affirmations but never see results. This might be because they are not
There are a number of things throughout our lives that play a role in shaping our beliefs. Some of these might be supporting and nurturing, while others might be roadblocks on our paths to achieving happiness. Positive affirmations are a great way to change the barriers into supportive and encouraging

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The Studio bookshelf is a place where I list books for designers and business owners that come Oohlala Studio recommended.⁠ Perfect if you’re looking for your next read or a gift to give to the entrepreneur in your life.

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Oohlala Studio is a strategic brand design company specialising in website builds and brand creation for female entrepreneurs with emerging businesses. With Amber Miller at the helm she works with wellbeing in mind, supporting, and collaborating with founders to shape their vision, becoming their creative partner.

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