I Mean Business – Affirmation Deck

This is the Affirmation Deck you need, after the year you have had.

It is time to advocate for ourselves. This deck of 22 beautifully made mantra and affirmation cards is an essential tool for stuck or struggling business leaders. As you recite positive statements, you rebuild neural pathways in your brain – countering subconscious self-sabotaging thoughts and welcoming confidence and calm into your business.

Each silver-detailed card is adorned with a powerful affirmation that is written in the first person and speaks directly to you as an individual, and a business owner. These powerful statements will focus your mind, build your inner-strength, and banish lingering insecurities or inertia for good. We’ve also included two blank cards to allow you to craft personal affirmations aligned with your business goals.

In addition, each card also bears a wellbeing symbol and a prompt to achieve an essential moment of daily self-care – reminding us to take a little time for ourselves. Afterall, we must admit that no matter how hard we work, we simply cannot pour from an empty cup.

PLUS! You’ll also receive The Affirmations Made Easy Guide which breaks down the science and how behind why affirmations truly work.


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I Mean Business – Affirmation Deck



• 22 Affirmation Cards
• 2 blank cards (with space to write your own)
• Cobalt blue hardcover box, silver foiling and black pull
• Printed on 400gsm silk card with matt laminate finish
• Rounded Corners
• Silver foiled details.


The boxes will be wrapped in branded tissue paper and shipped in a cardboard box via Royal Mail Second Class Delivery. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. If you require a shipping upgrade please pop me an email: hi@oohlala.studio and I’d be more than happy to accommodate.

8 reviews for I Mean Business – Affirmation Deck

  1. Jenny Pace

    I love this affirmation deck! I use it most workdays, and I’ve sent quite a few to my clients, too. It’s the perfect blend of mindset and practical. Highly recommend!

  2. Tamsin

    I want to say how lovely the deck of cards actually is – so beautifully made and the mantras feel really personal to me as someone running a small business. It’s like you’ve tapped into my thoughts! I really think they will be useful and I never would have considered business affirmations before I received these.

  3. Our PR Girl

    Oohlala’s affirmation cards really bring balance to my working days, I choose one at the beginning of the week and do my best to apply the advice to my days that week, I love the lifestyle tip at the bottom, small changes can make such a noticeable difference to our lives personally and professionally. I went to bed at 21:30 for a full week and it really put such a pep in my step, my brain felt lighter, and my eyes felt clearer.

  4. Jenni

    I just love these cards! Not only are the affirmations so well crafted and thoughtful but they are just beautifully designed. The well-being tip is such a bonus too. It’s so easy to forget the basics once you get stuck in to the day so they’re a fantastic reminder for me. I have a few affirmation based products but this is the one that I reach for daily and has a permanent spot on my desk.

  5. Joanne

    Such a fantastic way to start the day and the box looks super lush on my desk

  6. Evie

    This pack is a game charger!
    Not only are they appealing to the eye but great for your soul! The two plain cards are such a lovely touch!
    Each card starts a affirmation and at the bottom is a well being tip for the day. I select a card every morning and keep it close all day❤️

  7. Anna

    The most beautiful prompts for small business owners. The quality and design is amazing, you’ll love having them on your desk. I like to switch between shuffling though until I find one that resonates, or just picking a card at random to prompt, inspire or encourage me.

  8. Clare Bourne

    I love these cards, help remind me of key truths to ground my working days. Thank you Amber for creating these beauties

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