Entrepreneur Burnout

Why I nearly walked away from my thriving business.

Burnout wasn’t invited but I was giving it clear directions to come at me.

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I nearly walked away from my business.

We frequently hear of burnout but when it comes to actually experiencing it, it literally wiped me off my feet and threw me sideways.

The signs were there last year, mid pandemic, when I was working and taking client calls whilst I was on holiday for my birthday. From there it spiralled. The need to say yes to everything as I’m a helper I want to see people succeed…but at what cost to me? It wasn’t invited but I was giving it clear directions to come at me.

Jump to January this year where I was due to have the whole month off but time sped up and then it was February then March. I remember that even checking my emails in the morning filled me with fear and anxiety.

These small episodes built up over the last year led to me having to take some time away for most of Q2 to really refocus and figure it all out. I had to set firm boundaries and remove anything that wasn’t filling me with joy.

I spent time reflecting and researching the power of the mind and the science behind affirmations and mantras. I spent a lot of time outside gardening and time just being. I realised I needed to take care of myself before I was able to fully take care of my clients.

It was during this time the I Mean Business – Affirmation Deck was born. A dual purpose deck focusing on affirmations and well-being reminders.

I used the deck for a couple of months before launch and it gave me a glimmer of hope and mindset shift that has transformed the way I approach business.

I’m not over the fallout of what rose to the surface but right now I’m in a good place, the best I’ve been for a long time. I wholeheartedly love all of my clients and adore the projects I’m working on and the teams I’m a part of.

The creative block has lifted and I am getting excited for what’s to come. Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing some of the practices and tips that have helped me.

Burnout is not a badge of honour. Let’s start prioritising our health and wellbeing, our boundaries and 8+ hours sleep.

“Rest is often the most productive thing we can do.”


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It is time to advocate for ourselves.

As you recite positive statements, you rebuild neural pathways in your brain – countering subconscious self-sabotaging thoughts and welcoming confidence and calm into your business.

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