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3 mistakes to avoid when practicing your affirmations

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to help you achieve your life’s desires. Thousands of people use positive affirmations to obtain success and realise their dreams.
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Useful Tips for Writing Your Own Positive Affirmations

There are a number of things throughout our lives that play a role in shaping our beliefs. Some of these might be supporting and nurturing, while others might be roadblocks
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Are You Competing on Price or Value?

How does branding increase value and how can increasing value add more to your business than just increasing prices? By promising quality, consistency, and image, branding has the power to add increased value and profits to companies.
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Entrepreneur Burnout

I nearly walked away from my business. We frequently hear of burnout but when it comes to actually experiencing it, it literally wiped me off my feet and threw me
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The Affirmation Deck

This deck of 22 beautifully made mantra and affirmation cards is an essential tool for stuck or struggling business leaders. As you recite positive statements, you rebuild neural pathways in
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Past Failures – My Business Journey

I wrote a post on Instagram the other week about failures being a part of our successes, and it rang true with so many of you:      View this post on
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3 questions every business owner should know the answer to

Want a sneak peek into my branding process? Today I wanted to share 3 of the questions that appear on my brand session questionnaire. These questions help me dive deeper
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How the right typeface can completely change your brand personality

Do you know how certain typefaces can resonate with your audience? After delving deep into colour psychology research I thought I would throw myself into learning all about the psychology
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Why design trends will hold back your business

What fad or trend do you hope comes back? @miaandmex I asked my audience on instagram what burning questions they wanted me to answer. This one from @miaandmex popped up
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It's time to establish your Brand Foundations

The steps in this free roadmap, take you through some of the key stages of my signature framework.

The same route that I take my clients through when they work with me to build a stand out brand. Follow the steps in the roadmap to help you on your way to transforming your business into a solid brand.