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Calmly guiding, supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs just like you through the chaos of crafting an impactful and strategy fuelled brand.

Courage, clarity and understanding

Imagine a world where you had access to a designer one who listens, understands and one who is as invested in your business as you are.

I give female entrepreneurs like you the courage to not worry about not being like all the others your field.

I will guide you to see the uniqueness in what you bring and why that deserves its own unique branding.

I set this business up to help entrepreneurs just like you.

Realising there was a lack of support, clarity and understanding in the design industry for women creating small businesses. With my bags of experience I set up Oohlala Studio.

I can help facilitate your business in any way you need, from website building to brand creation, sourcing printed products to consulting and collaborating on idea creation.

I empower female-led businesses to craft a strategic brand and leave their legacy by getting more of their work seen in the world.

I’m so grateful you’re here reading this and if you’re ready to join the 70+ clients I’ve already helped since launch hit that button below and ask me to join your team!

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Why does Oohlala Studio exist?

I run this show, to inspire female entrepreneurs to embrace their individuality so that they have the confidence to stand out and create the business of their dreams. 

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Free Colour Psychology Guide

Research reveals all human beings make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone.

Colour has a massive impact on how your brand is perceived. Grab this guide to take a look at the psychology behind the 12 main colours and see if you’re portraying your brand in the way you want to be seen.

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