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Surface Alchemy

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Stephanie is a second year Surface Pattern Design student at Swansea Collage of Art. ⁣ We worked on Name Generation and Branding for her to market herself during her uni degree which will in turn be all ready for her once she graduates.

The Project

The project began with Name Generation. For this I came up with a selection of names and presented them to Stephanie. She loved the name Surface Alchemy as it embodies the creative process Stephanie goes through when creating her patterns. The definition of Alchemy (aims to purify, mature and perfect certain objects) lends itself perfectly to her process.
A warm, intense but subtle firelight palette is paired with an alchemist inspired symbolic logo mark. The logo includes the following symbolic icons:

The Hand: Symbolising creation – handmade.

The Sun: The ancient alchemy symbol of gold. Worshipped in many cultures, specifically Egypt where Amon-Ra was personified by the evening sun setting at the end of the creative process. Alchemists understood the process of creation, and utilized the symbol of the sun to focus on creating desired effects in their practice – both physically and philosophically.

The Moon: Alchemically speaking, the moon represents Silver, the Lesser Work, or Mercury. It conjoins with the sun, or Gold in the Greater Work. In more practical terms, the moon represents fertility, resurrection, occult power, immortality and intuition. The moon is a feminine property and alchemists would incorporate it with the sun (gold) to assure balance.

The Eye: This is the spiritual ancient alchemy symbol for the right eye of the soul, by which it looks to the eternal. This symbol allows focus on higher, finer spiritual vibrations. It also ascertains the infinite nature of our soul, and our capability to tap into the infinite universe.

The 4 Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water – the four core elements that are the foundation of everything Stephanie creates and the processes she uses.

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