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Self led courses addressing anxiety and people pleasing

Anna Mathur

Less bland; more brand


Anna Mathur is a trained Psychotherapist, a fervent communicator and is passionate about equipping people to fight anxiety and depression.

The Project

Early this year I had the absolute pleasure of working with Anna Mathur. Anna is an accredited Psychotherapist who runs a private practice at her home. Over the past couple of years Anna has gained a significant Instagram following through sharing her own story in the hopes that others will be inspired to do so too. Anna regularly does Mental Health Lives on Instagram stories and is full of advice and wisdom.

Anna had written her course Reframing Anxiety and needed a solution on how she could get it out there. I worked on the course artwork and then developed an e-commerce solution that worked on Anna’s current website. Soon after we worked together again to create the People Pleasing Course.

My goal was to artwork the courses in a way that complemented her writing and I wanted to be mindful of the customers who would be reading and working through them. I came up with a house style (at that time Anna didn’t have a brand to work with). I can proudly say that we achieved it and I’m so grateful that Anna allows me to be a part of this journey. I’m so excited for the next projects we have to launch!





Reframing Anxiety Course Artwork
E-Commerce Solution

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