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How is Oohlala Studio different?

What defines Oohlala Studio from the competition?

Design to me is more than just making something looking good.

Every design decision made at Oohlala Studio is considered with your business in mind. Constantly coming back to the same questions “Will this attract the right client / customer?” “Does this reflect the ethos and values the business holds?” and “Is this a brand I would want to purchase from or work with”. The last one for me is quite important – I have to like the work I’m producing to keep myself and my work authentic.

There are lots of designers out there who will churn out an idea that you have come up with or replicate an idea you’ve found that you like and want it but with your brand name. If this is something you’re looking for then unfortunately this is not what I do.

Branding to me is more than just something looking good.

“Invest in your story and create great connections”

I love to explore, dig deep and get to the bare bones of each business I brand. Why? Because this is what makes a brand. The values, the beliefs and the core message of what you’re trying to achieve. You may have some ideas and this is absolutely great – the branding process is collaborative but I wouldn’t want you to get too stuck on an idea or vision. That’s why you’re looking for a designer. You’re wanting to up your business game to the next level and attract the right people. You’ll find that I bring a fresh eye, new ideas and angles that you haven’t thought of or seen and every outcome will have a reason.

I want you to invest in your story to create great connections which will lead to a great brand and business. I want to empower you with your new brand to chase your dreams, I’ll be your cheerleader if you need me to be, for words of encouragement, to brainstorm ideas, help you believe in the impossible and facilitate all of this in any way I can. Let’s have a chat and see how we can transform the visual system of your brand to begin attracting your perfect clientele.

Stand out from the crowd

Elevate your business in 2020 with a stand out brand

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