How Gousto has made my business more efficient

This changed my life

Gousto has changed the way I feed myself and my family.

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As a business owner, a mum and a family living in a house that needs so much work, care and attention, time is a precious commodity. Between managing my family, working on important projects for work and the house, taking meetings, calls and normal day to day things, it can be hard to find time to think of what to cook. Not even just to think of what to cook, finding the time to meal prep and then get the ingredients for that meal. This is where Gousto food delivery boxes come in and have changed the way I feed myself and my family.

I’ve been using Gousto since the pandemic, when going to the shop felt like such a chore.

If you haven’t heard of Gousto, let me tell you a little more! Gousto is a meal kit delivery service that provides you with all the ingredients and recipes you need to cook delicious meals at home.

Here are some ways that using Gousto boxes have freed up time in my busy schedule:

  1. No more meal planning: One of my biggest time-consuming tasks was meal planning. With Gousto, all the planning is done for you. Simply choose the meals you want to cook from their extensive menu and the ingredients will be delivered to your door.
  2. Less supermarket shopping: Going to the supermarket can take up a lot of time, especially if you have to make multiple trips during the week. With Gousto, you don’t have to worry about going. All the ingredients you need will be delivered to your door in the correct portions. We top up our Gousto deliveries with a trip once a week to pick up the essentials.
  3. Quick and easy meal preparation: Gousto’s meals are designed to be quick and easy to prepare. The recipes are easy to follow and most take no more than 30 minutes to cook. This means you can have a delicious meal on the table in no time, without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
  4. More time for other tasks: With meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation taken care of, I have more time to focus on other important tasks. Whether it’s spending time with my family, working on my business, or just taking some time for myself, Gousto can help free up time in your busy schedule.

Gousto food delivery boxes are a great way to save time as a business owner. With no meal planning or grocery shopping required, quick and easy meal preparation, and more time for other tasks, you’ll be able to manage your busy schedule more efficiently. Give Gousto a try for a whopping 65% off your first box and then 25% off all boxes in your first two months. See how it can help you free up time in your busy schedule and give you more headspace as a mum and business owner.

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Change the way you feed yourself and your family

Get 65% off your first box and 25% off your first two months!

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